South Asian feminist platform, Soul Sutras

Soul Sutras is a platform dedicated to celebrating & supporting South Asian women, while challenging cultural taboos.

Soul Sutras is a safe space to be ourselves, to celebrate those bits of our culture that serve us and take control of our narratives, as well as our minds and bodies.

Soul Sutras was created for South Asian women by a South Asian woman. But it brings together women from all over the world who are passionate about dismantling patriarchal structures and creating a more equitable society.

At Soul Sutras, we believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from sharing our stories. Our platform is a safe space for Bad Betis everywhere to come together, support one another, and tackle the taboos that have held us back for too long. From mental health to sexuality to body image, Soul Sutras tackles it all with honesty and empathy.

We’re all about empowering each other, growing together and transforming the world we live in.

Today Soul Sutras is many things. A multi-award-winning podcast that’s featured extensively in the press. A series of writing workshops that culminated in two powerful theatre shows. Several live podcast events where inspiring South Asian guests and podcast fans mingled. Many open mic nights which gave talented South Asian artists the chance to perform their work.

But our most important project is…ourselves.

This is about real South Asian sisterhood. About love. About healing…together.

The future is South Asian…

The future of Soul Sutras is the future of South Asian women. Strong. Potent. Powerful.

My vision is to bring together South Asian women from all over the world, to create a massive community who support each other. To create a global platform where we can share our unique cultural stories stories through various media: podcasts, books, audio books, events, theatre shows, creative workshops and much more.

Because the future is female. The future is South Asian.


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