Masala Podcast Season 4

In Season 4, our multi-award-winning feminist podcast covered everything from hilarious brown mums, sari-wearing skaters, sex and intimacy to more serious themes like motherhood, menopause, sexual abuse, trans activism, grief and strength. Season 4 had two brilliant finales with two smashing live episodes in Cologne and London. As always Masala Podcast continued exploring intersectional feminism from a South Asian lens and featured some of the world’s most inspiring South Asian women.

Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast
Fargo/Never Have I Ever star Richa Moorjani on beauty & South Asian identity: S5, Ep 13
London Live_Blog visual
S4 E12: Masala Podcast – Live in London

With Shazia Mirza, Salma El-Wardany & Seema Anand Welcome to the Season Four Finale of…

Germany Live_Blog visual
S4 E11: Masala Podcast – Live in Germany

Prasanna Oommen, Laxmi Manuela & Anu Ambasna at INDERNET festival Masala Podcast went internatio…

Poorna Bell
S4 E10: Poorna Bell – Strong South Asian Women

Strong South Asian womxn The first time I’d heard of Poorna Bell was when I read her book Chase the …

Shani Dhanda
S4 E9: Shani Dhanda – Disability and South Asian Culture

Disability & South Asian culture I loved chatting with Shani Dhanda, the multiple award-winning …

Mona Arshi
S4 E8: Mona Arshi – Grief and Loss

Grief & loss Mona Arshi is a poet, novelist and essayist. I interviewed Mona Arshi for Masala Po…

Aunty Skater
S4 E7: Oorbee Roy Aunty Skater in a Sari

The sari-wearing skater Who said Aunties in their 40’s can’t take up skating? I am so excited to int…

Pallavi Barnwall
S4 E6: Pallavi Barnwal – Sex and Intimacy

Sex, intimacy & pleasure This next episode of Masala Podcast is about unlocking the door on sex,…

Dr Nighat Arif
S4 E5: Dr Nighat Arif – Menopause and South Asian Women

Menopause & South Asian Women The menopause is in the news & in this episode, I explore why …

Mridul Wadhwa
S4 E4: Mridul Wadhwa – Becoming a Trans Activist

Becoming a trans activist Please note that the topic of this podcast might be triggering for some li…

Nina Ganguli
S4 E3: Nina Ganguli – Can We Talk about Sexual Abuse

Can we talk about childhood sexual abuse? Please note that the topic of this podcast might be trigge…

Pragya Agarwal
S4 E2: Pragya Agarwal – Are Women Pressured into Motherhood

Are women pressured into motherhood? I’m so delighted to have Pragya Agarwal on Masala Podcast. Prag…

Zarna Garg
S4 E1: Zarna Garg – Can Brown Mums be Funny

Can brown mums be funny? Zarna Garg is on Masala Podcast & I’m thrilled to interview her. …


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