Podcasting Masterclasses

Choose from 2 Podcasting Courses, by multi-award-winner Sangeeta Pillai.

Women’s Podcasting Masterclass

My Women’s Podcasting Masterclass (designed for anyone who identifies as a woman) teaches you how to really find and own your voice, to discover your confidence, to find your true power as a podcaster. Ready to transform the world with your podcast?

Podcasting Masterclass

Ready to unleash your unique voice, captivate your audience and building a loyal community of listeners who hang onto your every word? The time has come for you to turn your podcasting dreams into reality and my Podcasting Masterclass is show you how.

Masala Podcast creator Sangeeta Pillai has designed two online courses to kick-start your podcasting success. Sangeet knows what worked in her own podcasting journey and she wants to share her knowledge with you.

So many podcasting courses, so little time. So why not learn directly from a successful and multi-award-winning podcaster?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or you’ve dabbled in podcasting before. You’ll be guided through every step of the podcasting process, from finding your “voice” to recording & releasing your first episode, and finally, to monetizing your hard work. Take your pick from these two podcasting masterclasses to help you find your unique podcast success story.




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