Masala Podcast Season 2

This season has it all: we explore what it means to a brown woman comedian to what it means to be a Muslim South Asian porn star, as well as serious themes like colourism, belonging, rape, menopause, HIV, cancer and sex trafficking. The season finale is an uplifting live episode recorded on campus at University of Berkeley California – talking with young South Asian American women about their experiences around culture and identity.

Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast – S 2, Ep 1 – Being a South Asian Woman
S2 E10: Being American & South Asian

Recorded at UC Berkeley California on campus “Being Sri Lankan in America is to unapologetical…

S2 E9: Sex Trafficking

With Ram Devineni & Dipti Mehta “An ordinary salwar-kameez clad young woman fights sex tra…

S2 E8: Cancer

With Susmita Bhattacharya “My daughter asked if she could choose my wig after chemo…&#82…

S2 E7: HIV

With Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan & Mina K “Three-quarters of women with HIV in the UK are BAME&…

S2 E6: Menopause

With Madhu Kapoor “I had night sweats, hot flushes, itchy skin, insomnia, tingling on my skin&…

S2 E5: Rape and the Stigma

With Leesa Gazi “My mum found out that I was a Porn Star!” “Women are taught to ca…

S2 E4: Porn

With Sahara Knite “My mum found out that I was a Porn Star!” This episode features an in…

S2 E3: Belonging

With Salma-El-Wardany “This idea of not belonging anywhere is one of the sadnesses of my life.…

S2 E2: Colourism

With Seema Hari “I was depressed & suicidal because of how I was treated because of my ski…

S2 E1: Being a South Asian Woman

With Shazia Mirza “I feel pressure to produce perfect chapattis despite being a successful com…


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