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Doing it with Hannah Witton

Huffpost UK Podcast

5: Let’s Talk About Porn, Baby

In this episode, hosts Brogan Driscoll and Rachel Moss are joined by Sangeeta Pillai, a sex educator and founder of the Soul Sutras network, to talk about how porn impacts our sex lives, relationships, body image ideals and more. Go behind the scenes. Subscribe (https://bit.ly/aimyu-pod) to our newsletter to hear what inspired us to tackle the topics you’re probably too squeamish to talk about.

Brown Girls Do It Too

Sex Toys with Sangeeta Pillai

Where do you keep your sex toys? Our guest, Masala Podcast’s Sangeeta Pillai, just about fits them all in a trunk under her bed! Poppy and Rubina chat sex toys with Sangeeta

Bad Betis & Sex in South Asian Culture with Sangeeta Pillai

False Economy

Ep18: Sangeeta Pillai

The podcaster, activist and writer tells Vix and guest host Andrew O’Neill all about her spending habits from a hugely disappointing prawn curry to why the internet thinks she’s an old lady…

Plus, we investigate the world of cow cuddling (FINALLY)

Castos Podcast

Owning and Earning a Platform with Sangeeta Pillai

On this episode of the Audience podcast, Stuart is talking with Sangeeta Pillai from the award-winning Masala Podcast about what it is like to create a podcast that talks about taboo content. Sangeeta has important messages to share about diversity, feminism, and inclusion. She shares those messages today, as well as her experience winning multiple British Podcast Awards. Sangeeta talks about her journey into podcasting, what it is like to be backed by Spotify, and how podcasting should change.

The Breakup Monologues

Live From Poplar Union

In a live episode recorded at Poplar Union, Rosie chats to journalist and author Rachel Thompson, journalist and poet Victoria Richards and podcaster and activist Sangeeta Pillai about teenage crushes, lockdown flings and breakups, trying to to be overly cool about meeting your ex’s new partner, discovering dating apps, being single and how the matriarchal Nair community of Kerala used to dump a man by leaving his shoes outside the door! Recorded at Poplar Union on 17 February 2022.

First time I made a podcast w/ Sangeeta Pillai

Pod Pod

Sangeeta Pillai: Breaking taboos through podcasting

Podcasts can be a fantastic way to deal with delicate topics, and for Sangeeta Pillai, speaker, activist and founder of South Asian feminist network Soul Sutras, it’s a format that has been vital for breaking cultural taboos. Her award-winning Masala Podcast tackles cultural taboos against women in the South Asian community, and Pillai has used her platform to amplify real-life stories around taboo subjects such as periods, sex, menopause, and more. 

Anthems, Broccoli Productions

Women of the Future

The Women of the Future Podcast: Sangeeta Pillai

Activist, writer and speaker, Sangeeta Pillai, is the founder of the South Asian feminist network, Soul Sutras, which is all about tackling taboos within the culture.

She’s the creator of the Spotify award-winning ‘Masala Podcast’; the show for South Asian women deals with sex, sexuality, shame, periods and much, much more.

Mads World

Soul Sutras: South Asian Sisterhood & Tackling Taboo with Sangeeta Pillai

This week I am joined by podcaster, activist, writer and speaker, Sangeeta Pillai. Sangeeta is the founder of the South Asian feminist network Soul Sutras, which is all about tackling taboos within the culture. She’s the creator of Masala Podcast, seen as one of the top feminist podcasts in the UK, featuring truly diverse experiences and voices. Sangeeta is a 5 times winner at the British Podcast Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022, as well as winner at the Audio Production Awards 2022…

The Pleasure Podcast

S4, Ep 9 Sangeeta Pillai: The Price of Indian Feminism

Today on the Pleasure Podcast we welcome Sangeeta Pillai, founder of feminist online platform Soul Sutras and fighter of Indian Patriarchy! Sangeeta developed SoulSutras to be a safe space for South Asian womxn to tell their stories openly without shame or fear, connecting with one another, sharing a common cultural identity.

Soul Sutras has developed into a feminist platform hosting the award-winning taboo-shaking Masala Podcast to developing Masala Monologues, a series of writing workshops and theatre shows in the UK and US.

A question to never ask on a date with Sangeeta Pillai

Meera’s Made From Scratch

Menopause and Female Empowerment

Meera and Sangeeta explore what female empowerment truly means and how it can be harnessed to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during the menopause journey. They delve into the importance of embracing one’s inner strength, reclaiming personal identity, and embracing self-care practices that support physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

South Asia and Sex: Ep 127

F**ks Given by ComeCurious

Genital Warts, Self-Pleasure and the Kama Sutra

We’re joined by Sangeeta Pillai from the Masala Podcast, talking about misconceptions of sex as a South Asian woman, discovering your own pleasure and everything we’ve got wrong about the Kama Sutra.Plus, Reed has her genital warts frozen off!

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