Women’s Podcasting Masterclass

Podcast course for women with multi-award-winning podcast expert Sangeeta Pillai

Why do we need a podcasting workshop just for women? Because the barriers to women creating podcasts are different. Our issues are often to do with confidence or self-belief (thanks to centuries of patriarchal systems embedded in our world.)

I’ll let you in on a little secret. 5 years ago, I didn’t know what podcasting was. I literally had to Google the word “podcasting” to find out. And now 5 years later, I have the very successful multi-award-winning Masala Podcast which became a Spotify Original. It also won multiple awards & was on giant billboards worldwide!

I am ready to podcast!

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Learn my podcasting success secrets

My podcast was on billboards in London, New York, Dublin, Glasgow & Cardiff

My podcast won 6 British Podcast Awards, 1 Spotify SoundUp Award & 1 Audio Production Award

I’m featured extensively in the press from BBC Radio, Guardian, MetroCosmopolitan, Evening StandardStylistEastern Eye to Huffington Post

I’ve judged many podcast awards including British Podcast Awards, the Ambies, the Independent Podcast Awards & the International Women’s Podcast Awards

I advocate for inclusion & diversity in the podcasting business with regular industry articles and keynote speeches at podcasting festivals.

How I went on giant billboards worldwide

Sangeeta Pillai on Masala Podcast billboard
Podcast course testimonial by Dr Yvanna Coopoosamy, Clinical Psychologist & Podcaster

“Sangeeta helps you to connect with what’s important to you so that you can create the type of authentic podcast that has longevity. Sangeeta gives you this boost of confidence you don’t get when you’re sitting alone watching videos about how to make a podcast.”

– Dr. Yvanna Coopoosamy, Clinical Psychologist & Podcaster

Podcasting gave me a loud voice. Podcasting showed me my true power. And it can do the same for you. My Women’s Podcasting Masterclass teaches you how to really find and own your voice, to discover your confidence, to find your true power as a podcaster.

My work is all about helping women discover their power and raise their voices. Ready to join my Women’s Podcasting Masterclass?


I am ready to podcast!

Free Top 10 Podcast Checklist

What stops women podcasting?

Women create only one third of top podcasts – but we make up 50% of podcast listeners.

Think about this: you’ve thought so many times about starting a podcast. But something stops you.

Have you ever thought any of these things?


Trust me, I’ve thought many of these things too. Most women I know have too. But together, we can work through these doubts – and built your very own successful podcast.

Podcast course for women testimonial by Sofia Geraghty, TV Presenter

“This is excellent! If you have an idea for a podcast, Sangeeta will help make it a reality. So many of us have an idea for a podcast, this will help you visualise it and see it. I loved the very human aspect of this, it’s not just all the technical stuff. It’s also focusing on the confidence that you need.”

Sofia Geraghty, TV Presenter

I won’t promise to give you “instant podcast success” because that doesn’t exist. (Anyone promising you this is…lying.)

Instead, I will show you what I learnt. And I will offer you key information you need to plan, create, launch, promote and monetize your own podcast.

I’ll be sharing the same steps and tips that I used to turn a tiny podcast idea into a Spotify Original podcast that won multiple podcast awards and got featured everywhere from the BBC to the Guardian and beyond.

Are you ready to own your podcasting power?

I am ready to podcast!

Free Top 10 Podcast Checklist


1. Find Your Voice

Discover common barriers women experience and how to overcome them – own your own voice, accent and individual podcast personality!

2. Discover your unique concept & cover art

Explore different podcast formats and ideas, find your own unique podcast concept so you don’t get lost in the crowd. Learn how to create one of the most important bits of your podcast’s branding: your cover art.

3. Find your kit

Understand the podcasting equipment you need, with four simple podcast equipment packages created exclusively for you to suit all budgets: from £0 to £400.

4. Challenge those “challenges”

Understand what holds you back as a woman in the podcasting world. And get tools and strategies to tackle them.

5. Podcast Development

Guidance on conceptualizing, recording, editing, and publishing your podcast. So you can create a podcast structure and format that’s true to your personality

6. Recording & editing right

Understand how to record well, to get the best audio quality possible. Master the art of editing your podcast, painlessly and affordably.

7. Become a great interviewer

Learn the art of interviewing, so your podcast is full of unforgettable, impactful interviews.

8. Audience Building

Learn the art of intervieGrow a podcasting audience to support you forever & understand how to market your podcast effectively to your target audience.wing, so your podcast is full of unforgettable, impactful interviews.

9. Advice to save you thousands

Learn about “legal stuff” that will save you literally thousands in legal fees.

10. Where to host

Find a podcast hosting platform that best fits your needs and budget.

11. Marketing magic

Strategies, tips and tricks to give your podcast the best chance of success.

12. Monetization

Gain a real understanding on how to make money from your podcast. Strategies to monetize your podcast and get rewarded for your hard work.

13. STOP playing small – and go create that life-changing podcast!

Learn how to access my exclusive personalised podcasting advice and support for women.

Free 40 mins personalised webinar for first 100 signups!

  • Free access to our Soul Sutras Podcasting Community – a space for support and encouragement. I share useful prompts and you can connect with other podcasters on the same journey.
  • PLUS FREE 40 MINS PODCASTING WEBINAR with Sangeeta Pillai, where you can ask her about your podcast – ONLY FOR THE FIRST 100 SIGN UPS!


I am ready to podcast!

Free Top 10 Podcast Checklist


What’s in it?

  • Help with your podcast theme, name, style, audience
  • Help deciding duration & frequency of your podcast
  • Understanding what makes a good podcast
  • Exploring your preferred podcast format
  • Your personal barriers
  • Your reasons for starting a podcast


I am ready to podcast!

Free Top 10 Podcast Checklist

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