Masala Podcast, Season 2

This season has it all: we explore what it means to a brown woman comedian to what it means to be a Muslim South Asian porn star, as well as serious themes like colourism, belonging, rape, menopause, HIV, cancer and sex trafficking. The season finale is an uplifting live episode recorded on campus at University of Berkeley California – talking with young South Asian American women about their experiences around culture and identity.


S2 E10: Being American & South Asian

Recorded at UC Berkeley California on campus “Being Sri Lankan in America is to unapologetically claim my space as a South Asian…” The final episode of Season Two is a special that was recorded, on campus, at UC Berkeley, California interviewing young South Asian American womxn about their experiences. I talked to Sitara Bellam, Emma […]

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S2 E9: Sex Trafficking

With Ram Devineni & Dipti Mehta “An ordinary salwar-kameez clad young woman fights sex trafficking…” In this episode, I talk with Ram Devineni & Dipti Mehta, who are the creators of the Priya Shakti comic book – which has made the topic of sex trafficking really accessible to younger people. Their project was named “Gender

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S2 E8: Cancer

With Susmita Bhattacharya “My daughter asked if she could choose my wig after chemo…” In this episode, I speak with Susmita Bhattacharya. She’s an award-winning author with many books to her credit. Her debut novel, The Normal State of Mind, was longlisted for the Mumbai Film Festival prize, Word to Screen. Her short story collection,

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S2 E7: HIV

With Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan & Mina K “Three-quarters of women with HIV in the UK are BAME…” In episode seven, I talk to Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan, an NHS Consultant who’s also a Sexual Health & HIV activist, working primarily among South Asian womxn. Many of whom have contracted the virus through their husbands, but are

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S2 E6: Menopause

With Madhu Kapoor “I had night sweats, hot flushes, itchy skin, insomnia, tingling on my skin…” In this episode, I talk with Madhu Kapoor, Founder, M for Menopause who went through a difficult journey through menopause. She found no literature or support when she was struggling. And is now on a mission to get South

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S2 E5: Rape and the Stigma

With Leesa Gazi “My mum found out that I was a Porn Star!” “Women are taught to carry shame & honour for their families.” In this episode, I speak with Leesa Gazi, the director of a critically acclaimed and highly impactful film about survivors of rape in Bangladesh during the war, who are now in

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S2 E4: Porn

With Sahara Knite “My mum found out that I was a Porn Star!” This episode features an interview with the South Asian porn star Sahara Knite. We explore attitudes towards porn & sex among South Asians, and talk about very South Asian fetishes. We talk about Sahara’s family and their responses to her work. Sangeeta

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S2 E3: Belonging

With Salma-El-Wardany “This idea of not belonging anywhere is one of the sadnesses of my life.” In this episode, I speak with writer, poet, speaker and BBC radio presenter Salma El-Wardany speaks about juggling multiple identities & looking for belonging within those identities. She speaks about her South Asian side and how her ‘Desi’ identity

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S2 E2: Colourism

With Seema Hari “I was depressed & suicidal because of how I was treated because of my skin colour.” In this episode, I speak with Seema Hari, who is a model, a Software Engineer and a powerful activist fighting colourism. Seema talks about growing up as a dark-skinned Indian girl and the awful way she

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S2 E1: Being a South Asian Woman

With Shazia Mirza “I feel pressure to produce perfect chapattis despite being a successful comedian!” I speak with Shazia Mirza, a famous comedian and writer, appearing on Jonathan Ross, Celebrity Island with Bear Gryls, Celebs in Solitary & many more shows. Her new show ‘Coconut’ will be on tour in 2021. Shazia travels all over

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