Yoniverse Workshop


A 1.5 hour online workshop to unleash the power of the yoni

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What to expect in this workshop:

✅ A grounding breathing meditation so we can get the best out of this workshop

✅ Understanding the blocks to accessing your own sensuality, interactive discussion with participants

✅ The role of shame as well as the role of culture and media in stopping us from accessing our own pleasure & power

✅ We discuss what we can do to unlearn a lifetime of conditioning

✅ Practical exercise to start understanding the explosive power of the yoni

✅ Explore how we can use the power of the yoni in all areas of our life – from creative projects to health and relationships

✅ Practical exercise to start to go deeper in tapping into the explosive power of the yoni
✅ Interactive part of the workshop, where participants get to ask questions and give feedback.

Yoniverse Workshop
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