Let’s talk about the Kamasutra

We’ve marched against discrimination. We’ve fought for equal pay. As we sip our well-earned Cosmopolitans with our fearless female friends, where does an ancient (and some would say archaic text) like the Kamasutra fit into our lives? Because we all know that the Kamasutra is about hundreds of impractical, impossible sexual positions, right? Wrong. In

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To touch or not to touch…

Indians don’t touch. Indians don’t hug. Indians certainly don’t kiss. Growing up in India, that’s what I grew up believing. My parents never touched each other or us, and it was the same with all my other little friends. The general belief was that as long as you clothed your kids, fed them, educated them,

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Is my body mine?

My first experience of being touched as a woman happened on a dusty Mumbai bus. It was horrible. I was 11 years old, off to school in my freshly-starched-and-pressed grey school uniform. An ‘uncle’ (all older men in India not related to you are ‘uncles’) smiled at me, then brazenly put his hand under my

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Mum’s the word

Childless. Barren. The words sound awful, evoking images of shriveled-up women who’ve given up on life. I decided not to have kids. Not because I couldn’t. It just wasn’t for me. It was a decision I took in my early 30’s. It wasn’t so I that could focus on my career. It was just because…I

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Being naked

Why are we so embarrassed about being naked? Millions of Japanese women don’t seem to be. On a recent trip to Japan, I discovered onsens. These hot springs are dotted all over Japan and as much part of a Japanese woman’s life as a manicure is among British women. This is how it works: you

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