Celebrating South Asian LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Happy Pride Month for LGBTQ folks from the South Asian community!

Masala Podcast Episodes featuring inspiring South Asian LGBTQIA+ folks

Masala Podcast interviews three incredible young people who identify as queer and South Asian.

First time ever, Beautiful Queer Marriage Proposal, live on Masala Podcast

Asifa Lahore is on Masala Podcast, she is a well know trans, South Asian and Muslim LGBTQ activist

Masala Podcast interviews trailblazing sex educator, sexual health expert and advocate Dr. Varuna Srinivasan.

Queer Lesbian South Asian woman Raga D'silva is interviewed on Masala Podcast, she talks about coming out at the age of 50 as a South Asian woman.

Mridul Wadhwa is a transgender woman who grew up in India and now she uses her voice in the Violence Against Women sector and is an inspiring activist.

For South Asian queer, LGBTQ, transgender, lesbian, gay or non-binary folks – coming out can be deeply difficult in a culture where even talking about our sexuality is tough. Here are some resources that we’ve collated with the help of some of our LGBTQ-identifying friends:



If you know of other resources that would be useful to South Asian LGBTQ+ folks, please email us at: email@soulsutras.co.uk to get them added them to the above list.

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