S3 E5: Leeza Mangaldas – Why is Female Pleasure Still Taboo

Ep. 5: Why is female pleasure still a taboo?

Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast – S 3 Ep 5 – Leeza Mangaldas – Why is female pleasure still a taboo?

Meet Leeza Mangaldas, India’s foremost sex-positive content creator.

Leeza’s work is all about normalising conversations around sexuality, sexual health, gender and the body – with a particular focus on women and pleasure.

I interviewed Leeza for Masala Podcast, we talked about why sex & female pleasure is still a taboo in Indian and South Asian culture.

Leeza has a massive following on YouTube and Instagram in India, where sexual violence and systemic gender inequality are rampant. Women and minorities are routinely judged and shamed for simply expressing themselves, let alone challenging patriarchal views on sex and gender. As an Indian woman talking about topics as under-addressed as female pleasure, female masturbation or abortion rights, Leeza’s work is breaking new ground. 

Leeza is proud that her channel has established itself as one of the most credible voices dedicated to discourse around sex, sexuality, and sexual health in India. 

Leeza was named one of GQ’s 25 Most Influential Young Indians in 2021. She was also the recipient of the Google x SheThePeople Digital Women Award for Content earlier this year. 

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