Masala Podcast – S 2, Ep 10 – Being American & South Asian

Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast - S 2, Ep 10 - Being American & South Asian

“Being Sri Lankan in America is to unapologetically claim my space as a South Asian…”

The final episode of Season Two is a special that was recorded, on campus, at UC Berkeley, California interviewing young South Asian American womxn about their experiences. I talked to Sitara Bellam, Emma Desilva, Medhavi G & Shenali Pilapitiya, Students from The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley ’20 & ’21).

They spoke about their identity, their individual struggles, about being South Asian and being American – and how the two fit together.

We discussed the taboos faced by all South Asian womxn growing up worldwide:

  • Not being able to date
  • Having to hide your sexuality
  • Having to lead double lives
  • Issues around female sexuality and periods
  • Fighting to become strong powerful women

Fabulous, fierce South Asian American womxn…

Sitara Bellam: @sitarabellam
“I think that as South Asian Americans we have to not only uplift the creatives and change-makers across our Diaspora but remain equally critical in how we engage with our culture and what stories we tell about our identities.”

Emma DeSilva: @emmaadesilvaa
“I hope South Asian Americans will have the confidence to go after their passions and interests, while not sacrificing their South Asian identities. And we’ll see more South Asian American representation in areas, like film, music, media, and politics.”

Shenali Pilapitiya: @ _shenali
“Being Sri Lankan in America is to unapologetically and proudly claim my space as a South-Asian woman, and to contribute to the culture, knowledge and stories of WOC that shape the foundations of America.”

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