Pallavi Barnwal: Sex & Intimacy, S4 EP6

Masala Podcast
Pallavi Barnwal: Sex & Intimacy, S4 EP6

“As women, we carry within us infinite pleasure & the capacity to experience orgasms. But our cultural baggage, with its ideas of ‘shame’ or the sense of feeling ‘dirty’ around sex has stopped us accessing our own pleasure.”

Let’s talk about sex, betis! Sangeeta Pillai, from the fiercely feminist Masala Podcast, chats with Pallavi Barnwal, a globally renowned sex & intimacy coach. She has counselled thousands of people helping them understand, navigate, and improve both their sex lives and intimate relationships. In this episode, we explore why sex and pleasure are still so difficult for us within South Asian culture. Masala Podcast, winner of British Podcast Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022 is a Spotify Original created & presented by Sangeeta Pillai @soulsutras

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S4 E6: Pallavi Barnwal – Sex and Intimacy

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