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Want to start a podcast? Not sure where to begin?

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With multi-award-winning podcaster Sangeeta Pillai

“Sangeeta helps you to connect with what’s important to you so that you can create the type of authentic podcast that has longevity. Sangeeta gives you this boost of confidence you don’t get when you’re sitting alone watching videos about how to make a podcast.” Dr Yvanna Coopoosamy Clinical Psychologist & Podcaster

Have you thought about starting a podcast? But then wondered whether you have the right voice, the right kit, the right contacts…the right everything? I’m here to tell you that you CAN start and run a successful podcast. Whether you’re just day dreaming about your own podcast or have already started one, here’s what you’ll find helpful in this course:

We will cover:
• Advice on finding & sharpening your podcast idea
• Equipment: what is best suited to your budget & needs
• How to get the best quality recording from yourself & guests
• Where to host the podcast once you’ve recorded
• How to market your podcast so it gets maximum exposure
• How to build a supportive community around your podcast
• How to monetise your podcast

Most important of all…
• Help to build your confidence around your podcast
• Help to believe that your voice & opinions have value (especially difficult if you’re from a marginalised community & see that media is full of people who don’t sound like you)

Together, we’ll work to take your idea from a little spark of an idea to a fabulous (and successful) podcast.

“This is excellent! If you have an idea for a podcast, this workshop will help make it a reality. And it also gives you confidence. So many of us have an idea for a podcast, this will help you visualise it and see it. I loved the very human aspect of this, it’s not just all the technical stuff. It’s also focusing on the confidence that you need.” Sofia Geraghty Sofia Geraghty TV presenter

Course Tutor
Podcaster, activist & speaker Sangeeta Pillai is the founder of the South Asian feminist network Soul Sutras which is all about tackling taboos within the culture. She’s the creator of Masala Podcast, multiple award winner at the British Podcast Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022, winner at Spotify SoundUp 2018 & also nominated “change-maker” at the Visionary Awards 2022.

Masala Podcast is seen as one of the top feminist podcasts in the UK, featuring truly diverse experiences and voices. Masala Podcast & Sangeeta have been featured on BBC Radio, the Guardian, the Observer, Evening Standard, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Eastern Eye, Huffington Post, BBC Sounds, Brown Girl Magazine, Women’s Health Austria, Deccan Herald India & more.

She is a speaker at WOW Festival, Shameless Festival, Primadonna Festival well as being a regular speaker on innumerable panels and podcasts.

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Want to start a podcast? Not sure where to begin?

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