Sex Goddess Workshops for South Asian women

Sexual Confidence for South Asian Women

Sexual confidence workshop for South Asian women

Intrigued by my Sex Goddess Workshop for South Asian women? South Asian culture has taught us as women to feel shame and taboo around our bodies and sexuality. And yet, our culture worships an array of fiery, fabulous goddesses.

Are you ready to break the stigma and shame? Do you want to reclaim your body & re-discover the joy of pleasure?

Don’t miss this workshop, my Bad Betis. It’s time to let go of all the “chee chee” we’ve grown up with and and unleash our inner Sex Goddesses.

Previous Sex Masterclass feedback

Sex masterclass workshop from Soul Sutras, previous South Asian participants give positive feedback.

What to expect:

In this 90 minute Masterclass, we will delve into:

  • Our relationship with our bodies
  • Our South Asian culture and how it affects our sexuality
  • Shame and its effect on sexuality

What you’ll take away:

  • A useful PDF with some of the key workshop learnings and practical tools
  • Learning to see yourself differently
  • Learning to love your body & your sexual self
  • Understanding how to pleasure the most important person in your life: you
  • Releasing your inner Sex Goddess!

Last 10-15 mins for Q&As

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Meet Leeza Mangaldas, India’s foremost sex-positive content creator.

Leeza’s work is all about normalising conversations around sexuality, sexual health, gender and the body – with a particular focus on women and pleasure.

I interviewed Leeza for Masala Podcast, we talked about why sex & female pleasure is still a taboo in Indian and South Asian culture.

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I loved chatting with Seema about the Kamasutra, a text from the third century CE, which is still relevant to the discussion around female sexuality in South Asian culture. We also talked about other South Asian mythologies and stories, many of which have women’s narratives at the heart of them.

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