Spotify Sound Up & Masala Podcast

Winning Sound Up 2018 resulted in Masala Podcast

Sangeeta Pillai, winning Spotify Sound Up competition
Sangeeta Pillai, winner of Spotify Sound Up 2018

Winning Sound Up UK 2018, the competition to find more diverse voices in the mostly white-dominated podcasting landscape gave Sangeeta Pillai to opportunity to create Masala Podcast. This podcast which started life at Sound Up 2018 has gone on to win multiple British Podcast Awards in 2021 & 2022 and been nominated for the Visionary Awards 2020 for creating social change in society.

Sangeeta Pillai, creator of of Masala Podcast, says this about winning Sound Up UK 2018: “Sound Up gave me the confidence to create Masala Podcast. Before then, I literally knew nothing about podcasting – it felt too technical and overwhelming for me.

“Podcasting felt like it was for white middle-class men talking about football! Not for someone like me. Creating Masala Podcast has helped me reach other South Asian womxn, creating a huge supportive community where we explore taboos in our culture.

Why is it important to have diverse voices, black and brown & BAME voices in the podcasting world? Because the world is made up up of diverse experiences.

“Winning at the British Podcast Awards was the ultimate affirmation that brown voices like mine matter,” Sangeeta Pillai summarises.

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Spotify Sound Up is now taking place in many locations around the world, providing new podcasters with diverse voices and points of view with opportunities to bring their work to the world.

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