Power of the Female Voice: Why Inclusive Storytelling Matters

It was such a pleasure being on a panel for The Female Quotient being interviewed by Shelley Zalis who is a champion of gender equality as well as the founder and CEO of The Female Quotient. Alongside Natalie Tulloch, Global Lead, Spotify SoundUp.

I talked about creating my online platform, Soul Sutras, which tackles cultural taboos amongst South Asian women and offers a space to help tell their stories. And developing the award winning podcast, Masala Podcast to continue these conversations with my community.

We talked about the power of owning our voices. The power of podcasting as a medium for change. As well as the importance of ensuring diverse voices in the media.

And, above all, believing in the power of the female voice.

Main Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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