Women’s Podcasting Masterclass Course

Hey there podcasting superstar, you made it!

Thank you so much for choosing to do this Podcasting Masterclass with me.

I’m so glad that you chose this course to help take you on your own podcasting success story!

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Got the notepad ready? Got the pen and paper handy? Got your podcasting cap on? Well, click here to get started on your Women’s Podcasting Masterclass.


Be part of the Soul Sutras Podcasting community. This is your space, this is your place. I will kick start things by sharing a few useful prompts to get the discussions started. But this is really for you, so feel free to share thoughts, ideas, frustrations – anything you want really.


This is the place to understand more about this course and how to best use it, to get the best out of it. I will introduce a few common questions about the course. Please feel free to ask your own.



Please feel free to leave a review for this Podcasting Masterclass. I would really appreciate it, as this helps other wannabe podcasters decide if this is the course for them.

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