S3 E3: Raga Olga D’silva – Coming out as Queer in Your 50s

Ep. 3: Coming out as queer at 50

Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast – S 3 Ep 3 – Raga D’Silva – Coming out as queer at 50

Meet Raga Olga D’silva, who is South Asian and a well known LGBTQ activist, published author, successful entrepreneur & speaker. Raga’s pronouns are She/Her.

In this episode, Raga & Sangeeta talk about what it means for South Asian womxn to own their sexuality, in a culture that often represses our sexuality. We also talk about how being true to yourself is all important, and why it’s such a struggle for most womxn.

Raga grew up in a traditional Indian family, and came out as queer at age 50 after decades of living the life of a married Indian woman, wife & mother. Raga’s journey of owning her truth is a truly inspiring one.

Raga is a published author of Untold Lies. Her book is now available on amazon India and UK. A story she wrote during lockdown, loosely adapted from her life, is being made into an international feature film, by the acclaimed filmmaker, Onir.


For South Asian queer, LGBTQ, transgender, lesbian, gay or non-binary folks – coming out can be deeply difficult in a culture where even talking about our sexuality is tough. Here are some resources that we’ve collated with the help of some LGBTQ-identifying friends, please feel free to share any other resources that you’ve found helpful personally:


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