S3 E2: Shobhaa De – Why Are Older Women Valued Less

Ep. 2: Why are older women less valued?

Masala Podcast
Masala Podcast – S 3 Ep 2 – Shobhaa De – Why are older women less valued?

Meet Shobhaa De, one of THE most well-know names in India. A fiery, feisty 70-something woman. Super successful & super confident. In this episode, Shobhaa talks about life for women in South Asian culture and how society treats older women. Hint: not well.

Shobhaa De is a best-selling novelist, a journalist, an editor, a publisher, a socialite, a scriptwriter, a mother, a grandmother…the list goes on.

Starting her life as a model, Shobhaa went on to become a journalist and then the youngest ever female magazine editor. She launched three successful magazines: Stardust, Society, and Celebrity. Her current column for The Times of India ‘Politically Incorrect’ is extremely popular, she comments on various issues ranging from social, economical to political dynamics.

Shobhaa De has 17 extremely successful books to her credit. Often controversial and always best-sellers, her books have been translated into many languages. Shobhaa explores sex, sexuality, politics and all sorts of other taboo topics in her books.

Shobhaa has also been actively involved in writing scripts for various TV soaps & is also a publisher.



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