South Asian and British Asian women who inspire, South Asian women who inspire

I love Manasi’s vibrant energy & awesome art. Here’s more from her:

Manasi Arya is a Special Education teacher pursuing her masters in Special Education.

She is also an artist who created a popular art page on Instagram a few years ago to showcase her stories and art pieces over the years. She says her inspiration is her mom, who’s an artist and she has always connected art with her culture.

Manasi recently started doing digital art, which she says changed her whole view on art and how to create a business. She was able to share more about important issues in the South Asian community while also sharing fun pieces around fashion, beauty and female empowerment!

Manasi says that art has helped her in her mental health which is why I also love teaching others how to create art!

She says she tries to surround herself with things & people who make her happy.


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