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South Asian womxn are awesome! The awesome Dr. Monica Krishnan is tackling the taboo of being a widow in South Asian culture. Even today, some sections of South Asian society see widowhood as a failure & widows are sometimes shunned by society.

Dr. Monica experienced this personally. She says people talked, whispered and looked down on her after her husband died. Many of her married friends stopped including her in events and get-togethers.

They would constantly ask her if she had met someone.

Monica asks: it not enough that I’m raising two girls, running a home and have a successful career? Is it not enough that my journey of grief has taken me 8 years?

Dr. Monica’s messsage is that woman should not treated woman differently if their spouse dies.

Today. Dr. Monica is a strong, successful woman, having found her own power. She’s surrounded herself with women friends who don’t treat her differently.

Dr. Monica has through her own journey, found ways to help others. She is a truly inspiring woman.



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