Masala Podcast Season 4

The inspiring feminist podcast is back This top feminist podcast has been featured in The Guardian, The Observer, BBC Radio, Stylist, Cosmopolitan, the Sunday Times, the Evening Standard, Eastern Eye, India’s Deccan Herald & many more publications. Masala Podcast is the winner of multiple British Podcast Awards as well as the Visionary Award for being

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South Asian womxn rule! Meet Priya Fox. She has always had a passion for acting since she was a child but when she attended dramas schools, she felt incredibly alone because no one looked like her. Her journey, in her own words: At the beginning of 2021, I saw a couple of tweets from fellow

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Theatre shows for Masala Monologues, spicy stories for South Asian women


The stories that took shape at our Masala Monologues® workshops over two years were shaped and transformed into these theatre performances. You’ll see for yourself how creating safe spaces where South Asian womxn can write their personal stories, from their culture – can be so powerful! “It’s the closest I’ve seen my identity represented on



Soul Sutras in the press Times Radio The Guardian Sangeeta Pillai uses Masala Podcast to bring the issues affecting South Asian women to light.” BBC WOMAN’S HOUR Metro Cosmopolitan UK The Observer “Sangeeta Pillai is a one-woman powerhouse…” -MIRANDA SAWYER, THE OBSERVER The Guardian Masala Podcast & Sangeeta Pillai featured in the Guardian. “Sangeeta Pillai’s

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